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Devi Mahatme Yakshagana

First time full night Yakshagana at Delhi

Devi Mahatme

On July 11, 2015

Yakshagana is a theater form that combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, make-up, and stage techniques with a unique style and form. Yakshagana is traditionally performed from dusk to dawn, but recently it has been reduced to three hours performance. However, few troops supported by temples are still performing full night Yakshagana, but with lesser audience.  In this context, the South Kanara Club and the Academy of Tenkutittu Yakshagana, in association with local organizations at Delhi, have planned to organize a full night Yakshagana at Delhi Karnataka Sangha auditorium on July 11, 2015. The performance will begin at 9.30 PM on July 11th and concludes next day morning at 6 am.
Eminent artists selected from various troops will present Devi Mahatme or " the magnanimity of the goddess). This episode describes the victory of the goddess Durga over various demons including Chanda, Munda, Mahishasura, Rakthabija, Shumbha and Nishumbha.
Devi Mahatme is one of the most popular Yakshagana watched by millions of people.  According to a study, more than 100000 performances already carried out and 16000 performances already booked in advance for next 10 years. This is an amazing story of an Indian theater which is not only vibrant, but also   very influential in the religious and social life of costal Karnataka.
Devi Mahatmte is seen as an attempt to unify the Vedic male pantheon with the pre-existing mother goddess cult possibly dating to the 9th century BC. and an attempt to define divinity as a female principle. The Yakshagana text synthesizes a number of pre-existing mother goddess ( Chamundi, Kali, Durga, Sapta Matrikas  etc)  myths into a single narrative which has been crystalized and beautifully presented by the artists.  Various colors, headgears, costumes and dancing styles made this episode very unique.

List of artists participating
in Devi Mahatme Yakshagana
to be held at Delhi on July 11, 2015
Bhagawatas : Shri Balipa Narayana Bhagawata, Patla Sathish Shetty and Prafulla Chandra Nelyadi
Chende and Maddale: Shri Delanthamajalu Subramanya Bhat, Padmanabha Upadhya, Krishnaprakash Ullittaya and Mijar Devananda Bhat
Chakratala: Poornesh Acharya
Adi Maye:          Gangadhara Puttur                   Brahma:            Vasantha Gowda
Vishnu :            Mohana Ammunje                     Maheshwara :   Ganesh Kannadaikatte
Madhu:             Nidle Govinda Bhat                   Kaitabha :         Umesh Shetty Ubaradka
Malini:              Akshaya Kumar                        Suparshvaka :    Mohana Bellippady
Diti :                  Gangadhara Puttur                   Raktheshwari : Nagri Mahabala Rai
Doota:              Mahesh Maniyani                      Vidyunmali:       Rakesh Rai Adka
Purohita :          Mahesh Maniyani                      Yaksha:m :        Lokesh Muchoor
Mahishasura:     Nagri Mahabala Rai                  Shankhasura :    Hariraj Shettigar
Durgasura :       Gangadhara Puttur                   Bidalasura :       Madhava Kolattamajalu
Devendra :        Ganesh Kannadikatte                Agni:                Lokesh Muchoor
Varuna :           Prashant Kalladka                    Vayu :              Sathish Nirkere
Shree Devi-1 :   Smt Vidya Kolyur                     Shree Devi-2:    Prashant Shetty Nellyadi
Simha :             Prashant Kalladka                     Sumbhasura :    Harinarayana Bhat Edneer
Nishumbhasura : Balakrishna Mijaru                   Mundasura:       Mohan Bellippady
Chandasura :     Chandrashekhara Dharmasthala Sugreeva :       Madhava Kolattamajalu
Dhumraksha :    Hariraja Shettigara                    Kali:                 Sathish Nirkere
Rakthabijasura: Surikumer Govinda Bhat Patri :               Mahesh Maniyani

Makeup :         Monappa, Shekhara ana Raghu Shetty
Costume:        Devakana Krishna Bhat

All are invited
South Kanara Club
Academy of Tenku Tittu Yakshagana

New Delhi