Monday, September 16, 2013

New Art Gallery at Delhi Karnataka Sangha

New Art Gallery at Delhi Karnataka Sangha to be Opened for Artists

New Delhi, Sept. 15, 2013: The Delhi art circle is going to get a more sophisticated and prominently located art gallery at the premises of Delhi Karnataka Sangha (DKS) in Sector 12, R.K. Puram near Moti Bagh flyover.

With a carpet area of 700 square feet, this art gallery will be used for production, exhibition and dissemination of artworks and ideas as well as the site for interactions, workshops and other experimental modes of cultural production. DKS Art Gallery will be a place to experiment and to try new art techniques.

Main features of DKS Art Gallery

The art Gallery built at the Delhi Karnataka Sangha (DKS) cultural complex is safe and secure with 24 hour security arrangements.  It is prominent visibility being built on Rao Tularam Marg, which is actually an airport road that will attract the eye of the viewer. The DKS Art Gallery will be in walking distance from Moti Bagh metro station. The exhibition hoardings might be caught by thousands of travelers daily. The Gallery was built in good taste with carpet and panels were arranged as per the advice of leading artists. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Perla Krishna Bhat is no more

One of the best Sanskrit scholar and noted Yakshagana Talamaddale ‘arthadhaari’ Perla Krishna Bhat died in Perla, Kasaragod district of Kerala on September 2, 2013. He was 91. Yakshagana lost another star. He
had played the roles of Krishna, Rama, Athikaya, Angada, Vibheeshana, Brihannale, etc. He had also authored several works in Kannada and Sanskrit, Kiratharjuniya(Translation), Paaaduka Pradana(play), Thalamaddale(play), Bhagawan Parashurama (Translation), Bhagavan Buddha (Biography), Mahabharatha Upaakhyanagalu (Collection of stories), Madhuru Shri Siddhivinayaka Suprabhatham (Sanskrit) Manjunatheshwara Suprabhatham (Sanskrit), Rigvedeeya Nityakarma Vidhi (Sanskrit - Kannada) to name a few. Some of these have been included as the text books in Kerala Government school syllabus.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bahaddur Baz Khan ans Rani Rupmati hunting at night, Painting from 1760
Rani Rupmati and Baz Khan, a pinting from 18th century